Fico Africa's Market Nexus

Discover the Heart of Agriculture at Fico Africa's Market Nexus. Embrace ethically sourced, farm-fresh produce directly from local growers. With every purchase, you support sustainable farming practices and empower communities. Join us in nurturing a healthier planet, one delicious choice at a time.

Fico Africa Market-Nexus is Africa's largest food vendor market, Why?

We are closer to Your Heart

We serve our customers with the best ready-to-supply fresh from farms produce, sourced with our curtting edge technology. Food vendors and food processing companies benefits as it reduces and saves time on manual sourcing of raw materials.

Always Stay Ahead!

Our crop data are holistically aggregated on all farms in our Farmily portfolio to help us determine when crops are ready to be harvested and farmers ready to supply.

Secure Farm Logistics

With our logistic technology, we assure a safe and secure logistics of farm produce to your preferred destination. Track your order all the way from pickup points to your destination all on our platform.

Featured Products

So How Does It Work?

Browse Through Our Selection of Wonderful Produce

Start by browsing through our fresh farm produce and select desired produce. Sign up as a vendor to get discount benefits, real time information on farm produces and maturity date.

Check out and Pay

Generate an invoice on the selected products, select payment methods on checkout. You can either pay online, pay via invoice or use the instalment-payment option(check eligibility).

And We'll Deliver Quickly and Securely.

Generate a tracking number and track your products directly on our platform. We assure a quick, swift and secured delivery process for our customers.